State of Housing film is a selective documentation of the complex condition and ecology of housing in India; the current crisis associated with inadequate housing, especially for the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society.

At the core of the film are a cluster of themes: the idea of home, as it manifests itself across a range of social locations textured by indices of class, caste, region, gender, ethnicity, and political or cultural environment; the effect of migration, especially forced displacement; the pervasive anxieties of homelessness; the role of the State in providing housing, or partially withdrawing from the terrain of social housing; the complex ecosystem of housing, including private actors, public-private partnerships, cooperative enterprises, and so forth.

The emphasis is on the continuum that links housing to homelessness in India, and on the materiality as well as the effect of housing: the infrastructural questions of location, structure, amenities, and services are as vital as the visceral motifs of memory, neighbourhood, community, and social relationships.

Film Director

Sanjiv Shah


Ajay Noronha, Navroze Contractor

Sound Recordist

Suresh Rajamani

Production Manager

Prathamesh Kharatmal

State of Housing - Film
State of Housing - Film
State of Housing - Film
State of Housing - Film